Animals of Florida

As on every trip I love to go outside with my tele lens and take pictures of animals. This is what I did in Florida. Florida has a great variety of birds and reptiles. Most … Read more

A Sunday in Hamburg

I was just browsing through my camera a squirrel photos that I shot today and what I also found was pictures from Hamburg I actually wanted to show you earlier 🙂 Nothing else to say … Read more

Photowalk on a sunny day in spring

Yesterday was actually the first day this spring with sunshine and blue sky – at least the first day when it wasn’t cold and I was in the mood to go outside 🙂 . This … Read more

Remains of prehistory in Florida – in other words: Alligators and tortoises

Florida consists of 18% water. And in almost all of these waters you will find alligators and tortoises. There is not an exact number of how many alligators live in Florida but it’s more than … Read more

Mailbox creativity in Florida

Mailboxes in North America – depending on the area I sometimes have the feeling that people have a competition about who has the largest, the most colourful or the strangest mailbox infront of their home. … Read more

Canoeing in Florida – part 2: Everglades

In my first blogpost about canoeing in Florida, I already mentioned that we canoed two times. In this blogpost I’ll tell you more about that. The everglades is a large wetlands area in Southern Florida. … Read more

Canoeing in Florida – part 1

Florida has many rivers, lakes and is almost everywhere close to the ocean. That’s pretty cool for everyone who likes water sports. Since we do like canoeing and did that in the past once and … Read more

Greetings from Key West – Florida

When you are in Florida for vacation, the Florida Keys should definitely be on your bucket list! The Keys are on the southern tip of Florida, Cuba is right next to it! Luckily, since we … Read more

Florida: Dolphins and the worst car drivers

Yes, it’s due to a little Florida vacation why I didn’t publish any posts in the last weeks. Sorry for that 🙂 But I have some good news for you: Since we enjoyed two weeks … Read more

The Ruhrgebiet in Germany – part 2

As promised I’d like to show you the rest of our weekend in the Ruhrgebiet. Tiger and Turtle sounds like a zoo or something but is is actually an art installation in Duisburg. The weather wasn’t … Read more