Geocaching 2018 – Bomlitz

Christmas is over now and everything starts from the beginning again. We’ve spend most of the time at home between Christmas and new years eve. In Germany many peope use this to come down and … Read more

Bybasti – now also available in German language

Since I have many visitors from Germany, I will give it a try and also offer my blog in German from now on. There are no changes for you – the language usually will change … Read more

Looking for a new apartment?

Anna recently send me this lovely photo from a German apartment search website: I may send you more details in case you are interested. 😉 Oh, and I can also recommend some nice rooms in … Read more

The Moon 2.0

Did you know that humans know more about the moon than about the oceans on our own planet? Here are some more facts about the moon when you are interested. While on my last photo … Read more

Der Schatz im Silbersee in the change of time

On the occasion of my moms birthday we made a family excursion to the Karl May Festspiele in Bad Segeberg. When I was a child we visited this festival every year and, as far as … Read more

The Moon

The Moon has only been walked on by 12 people; all American males: The first man to set foot on the planet in 1969 was Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission, while the last … Read more

A almost perfect movie night

Christmas Holidays are almost over – what a good idea to watch a movie in a cinema. Since I already read the book “The Hobbit” and also saw the first two parts I wanted to … Read more

Hochspannung, or what?!

  What now? The only thing I know is that owls seem to like “Hochspannung” 😉

Need a hair dryer?

Someone bought too many hair dryers and needs to dump them, I guess 😉  


For temporary time my home was Hannover. Since commuting between Hannover and Hamburg was very time consuming I didn’t have much time for collecting photos for future blogposts, but here are some of them: -sorry … Read more