Birdwatching on the Island of Pellworm

After we arrived on the Island of Pellworm and checked the weather forecast, it was sure that we could not do very much outdoors. But reading, drinking tea and from time to time browsing through … Read more

Travel tip: Duisburg Rheinpark

One thing I’d like to mention: Even when talking about a travel tip, it’s not worth to go there when you have a longer journey. The place is very nice, but it’s only interesting when … Read more

Easy walking in Bochum

There are still many prejudices that the region where are living right now, the “Ruhrgebiet”, is ugly grey and not attractive at all. My mom who spend some years of her childhood here, told me … Read more

The Botanical Garden Bochum

After we moved to the city of Bochum we now have totally different possibilities of things we can do (mostly on the weekends). We lived very rural before, right in the middle of Bremen, Hamburg … Read more

Fall is here

I still have some nice photos from USA and Canada in my pipeline, but I guess it’s time to come back to the German reality now 🙂 . The days are getting shorter and fall … Read more

Summer is almost gone

Summer’s almost gone now and we didn’t make it to paddle down the small river just next to where we live. We were either busy, or it was pouring down.Today actually was a perfect day … Read more

Indian Summer for a day

When speaking of Indian Summer, I’m always thinking back to our time in Canada. This weekend Germany has its own kind of Indian summer. The coloured leaves are falling from the trees, and so do … Read more

Mushroom time!

For a change we had some sunny days this week(end). Good for the flee market in front of our doorstep and also for the mushrooms in the Heide. Unfortunately my camera suddenly switched off in … Read more

November Rain

It’s November and it’s raining. What a surprise! The good thing is, that you don’t need to have a bad conscience when staying at home, reading a book, drink some tea, eat waffles and write … Read more

Just a bunch of photos

I’m a little lazy about shooting new photos at the moment. Maybe it’s because of the weather, maybe because there are many other things that need to be done right now. These pictures are from … Read more