Photo walk: Zeche Ewald

One good thing about the year 2018 (despite many other things, just thinking of a dentist pulling out a tooth, instead of a vet 😉 ) is that it’s easy to find other people with … Read more

Back to North Rhine Westphalia

Before I started blogging in 2012 we lived in Essen, North Rhine Westphalia. Then Canada was our home for some time, before we moved into the Lueneburger Heide in 2014. And now we are back … Read more

The Ruhrgebiet in Germany – part 2

As promised I’d like to show you the rest of our weekend in the Ruhrgebiet. Tiger and Turtle sounds like a zoo or something but is is actually an art installation in Duisburg. The weather wasn’t … Read more

The Ruhrgebiet in Germany – part 1

The Ruhr district in Germany isn’t a very touristy area I guess. And even many Germans who don’t know that area very well, might tell you that this place is kind of ugly. One large … Read more

Cologne – Melaten

We visited Cologne last week. Just relaxing and doing the things we like. That’s usually visiting our favourite places, drinking coffee and walking through the city 🙂 . Our hotel was just a stones throw … Read more

Two days in Hamburg – day one

Due to some appointments we again spent some time in Hamburg. And since we got a cheap (and very good!) hotel in one of the most popular quarters in Hamburg, the “Schanzenviertel”, there was almost … Read more

In the woods

Did you know that one third of Germany’s space is covered by woods? I must admit that I didn’t know that! In winter time it’s not very inviting to walk through the woods, depending where … Read more