Photos of December

December was a bit slow regarding taking photos. One excuse is the grey weather. Fog and rain isn’t that much fun. But we also had some nice days last week and took the opportunity to … Read more

Winter in Northern Germany

It’s winter again in Northern Germany! My actual plan was to watch out for the King fisher, to continue my personal photo challenge. But since it makes no sense to sit around at a frozen … Read more

Squirrel paradise: The Ohlsdorf cemetery

I hope you all had a great Christmas time! To be honest I am happy that it’s over now. To much food and Christmas stress 🙂 Yesterday we spent the day in Hamburg. While Anna … Read more

The Kingfisher photo challenge

The truth Actually the title doesn’t describe it very well. A better title would have been: Sitting around at a small pond for five hours and waiting for a common Kingfisher to come around. But … Read more

Sunny Saturday Walk

You might remember my post about the unsuccessful search for the Heide. We now finally found a part of it on the way to Lueneburg, more or less in the middle of nowhere. Pretty good … Read more

Rainy December

Christmas is almost there and what do I see, when I look outside the window? Well, certainly it is not what I am hoping for: no snow. More of a  liquid snow. It is raining … Read more

Two days in Hamburg – day one

Due to some appointments we again spent some time in Hamburg. And since we got a cheap (and very good!) hotel in one of the most popular quarters in Hamburg, the “Schanzenviertel”, there was almost … Read more

Turning on the cookie factory

Christmas time. That’s buying presents for family and friends, decorating the Christmas tree and last but not least: eating baking cookies :-). This is why we spent 3 hours or so in the kitchen, making … Read more

Sunday afternoon walk

The lousy weather makes it really difficult to get nice photos for my blog. There are only one or two days per week at the moment with no rain, fog or both. But the Mittellandkanal … Read more

Winter time is birding time

November rain: It’s not a good time to go outside right now – neither for walking nor for taking pictures. The rain, the cloudy sky and the wind make you want to stay inside.The only … Read more