North Sea instead of indian ocean

Almost one year ago we booked our trip to South Africa. We thought it was a good idea to book early to have everything fixed. But suddenly there was Corona.

First the booking agency was optimistic that the trip would take place. But end of August we got a call that the trip was cancelled and that we will get our money back.

Finding an alternative was not as easy as we first thought. Will the European borders stay open? What happens when a second lockdown comes? Actually we ended up with booking an airbnb on the island of Pellworm in the north sea.  Instead of safaris with elephants we now take the bike to cycle around an island. At least the weather is sunny and it is not windy.

And: The propane heater was broken this morning and we had no hot water. After a company came by to fix it in the second try it all works now. But the heater has to be replaced. We just hope everything works as long as we are here 🙂

Have a good week and stay healthy!

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