The Storks Family – Aviation school

As every year we have a stork family living around the corner. And this year all three chicks the storks couple raised survived. It’s a little surprising due to the bad weather we had this year. Tons of rain, wind and cold temperatures that they had to endure in their home high above. We visited the storks every few days and look anxiously into the sky. Last year the little ones didn’t make it through the summer and one storm even destroyed the nest. 🙁

The photos are almost one month old. Right now the nest is empty and all storks are gone. When I visited the nest the last time, I was lucky enough to see the chicks learning to fly. One of the parents was flying with them, the other one posed for me in the nest :-).

Before I got to the nest, I spotted a deer with a broken horn. He didn’t look very unhappy though.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  4. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. We always enjoy watching the Eagle nest near us, but we don’t get to see Storks except when we travel.

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