Village Life

Village life – that’s the sound of birds instead of cars (ok, the Autobahn is pretty loud most of the time..) endless woods, fields and plenty of space everywhere you look.

But that also means having a long way to work or to supermarkets, doctors and so on (even if we are pretty spoiled, living in a touristy well-off village). During our time in the Ruhrgebiet the next bus and tram station were directly in front of our door. Now there is no tram at all (there is a train station 15 minutes by car) and I have no idea where the next bus station is :-).

Depending on what you enjoy, that sounds a little negative. I really enjoyed living in a large city, but I also love taking my camera and going into the fields, disturbed by nothing but chirping birds. And there are some more advantages of village life for sure :-).

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