Carry and be carried

So, finally the time has come. Here is my first post 2023 🙂

The idea for this article came into my mind a while ago, but as most you have noticed, we have a child now and therefore the priorities have changed a bit. Anyway. As (expectant) parents, you will most likely think about how to get around with the child. What was unthinkable 30 or 40 years ago is now a concern for at least some parents: A carrier and/or a stroller?

For us, it was already clear before the birth that we would like to carry our child. And that’s when the considerations began: Which carrier? Which system? Which manufacturer? Or a ring sling instead of a carrier? A sling would also be an option… The question of whether it could be the stroller was taken from us by our son – he did not like the stroller at all(we had luckily bought only a used one) and we recently donated it (almost) unused to an aid organization for Ukraine.

There are actually so many things to consider when carrying. And there are also many things you can do wrong actually. That’s what babywearing conultants are for. That’s right, there are actually people who help you find the right carrier and use it correctly. Yeah, I wouldn’t have known that a few years ago either (why would I?). There are also more and more stationary stores that sell carry systems and also give a little advice.

In the meantime, our son can walk and doesn’t like the Baby Carrier anymore. But we have enjoyed the freedom to hike with him together in the woods as with a backpack. Interesting were also the comments or the conversations that we had. This ranged from “Oh, I think that’s great, that [carrying as a man, note] you can do it so easily today!” To “Your child suffocates” We: “no, it does not. It has to be like this, our child doesn’t choke ” or “Haha, that’s what it sounds like when the child chokes, hahaha”. But I had quite a lot (mostly positive) conversations with other as a “carrying man”. But I think this is actually not”exotic” anymore. Especially in the cities, carrying is now in fashion and you see everywhere mothers and fathers who carry your child.

Have a good start into the new week 🙂

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