Walking through the rainforest

When talking about rainforest, you usually may think about the huge forests in South America. But due to the climate there are many of them in Western Canada, as well as in Oregon and Washington. … Read more

Strolling trough Granville Island on a sunny day

It’s Sunday, I had a long work week and it’s raining. Instead of showing you photos from grey and cold Germany, I decided to pick some nice photos from sunny Granville Island in Vancouver for … Read more

Around the pond

Just a stone’s throw away from our home there are two small ponds which are good for a short evening walk. At least when the weather is good ๐Ÿ™‚ .   Have a good start … Read more

Pietzmoor: In the peatland

Some days ago, while browsing through one of our local rags, we found an article about cotton grass which is blooming in the Pietzmoor peatlands not far from here. And since there is also a … Read more

Sunny Saturday Walk

You might remember my post about the unsuccessful search for the Heide. We now finally found a part of it on the way to Lueneburg, more or less in the middle of nowhere. Pretty good … Read more

Sunday afternoon walk

The lousy weather makes it really difficult to get nice photos for my blog. There are only one or two days per week at the moment with no rain, fog or both. But the Mittellandkanal … Read more