Penalty notice from the Netherlands

In my last blog post I showed you the Christmas hell in the Netherlands. One thing beside some physical damage 😉 is that I got mail from the country next to Germany this week.

It was a penalty notice for driving too fast. Well, nothing to worry about, though. The worst thing about it was actually that my girlfriend welcomed me with the words “YOU drove too fast in the Netherlands” when I came home and opened the door. Thanks, I love you too! And how did she know that I was the one who was driving? There was no photo attached.

But that’s easy. The letter says “go to and download your picture”. That will proof that SHE was driving 🙂 . After opening the side said: “Please authenticate with your ID”. Done, I already have my new German ID. So far so good. Side note: Since some years you can get your ID with a chip, which allows you to get done things from home, like getting a Police clearance certificate.

First try: The app which I needed for that did not start. Ok, the second try did it. Next step: My PIN. Oh oh! First try: Failed. Second try: Failed. Third try: “Please enter your ID number which you will find on your ID” Ok, and now my PIN….YES, it worked! Click on next…App crash. F)!& it!

It’s going to be a long term project. I just wanted to proof that it wasn’t me who was driving! Next try: Browser crashed. Well…it finally worked after I chose another browser. The problem:

Ok, that’s it, I am resigning. Maybe I should just admit that it was me 😉 .

The last thing was to login with fingerprint into the banking app, take a picture of the bank transfer slip and click on send to transfer the penalty to the Netherlands. THAT was easy!

Things were better in the past. Or maybe they were not. I don’t know 🙂

Have a good start into the new week!

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