61 kilometres trough the Netherlands

It is really weird to sit here in my Office, write this blog post with the knowledge about what is happening in the Ukraine right now. Of course I think about the Ukraine people every hour and of course I am concerned of what is happening. I donated money and utility items for the people. One of the first things in the morning is to check the news, to get an overview of what happened during the last night. I decided to write about our short trip to the Netherlands anyway. But I also don’t want to ignore the current situation in the Ukraine on my Blog. I should also mention that we have booked the trip before Putin started this war.

After two years of COVID and also because we have a new family member now, we did not have any “real” vacation in the last two years, which means we did not leave our home for more than a couple of hours. Even though the COVID numbers in Europe are still on a high level, we decided to spend some days in the Netherlands. That was the first trip for our boy – lucky boy you might think. Well, actually he hates (!) to sit in his car seat longer than 10 minutes…but this is another story ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

We were lucky with the weather and had sunshine, blue sky and moderate temperatures (even though it was pretty cold on some days) from the first to the last day of our stay. Ideal for some decent hikes. We walked 61 kilometres trough the dunes, the streets and along the large beach. We almost did not use our car, just for grocery shopping and one trip to another city. Even though we had some nice days in the Netherlands, the situation in the Ukraine was always in our minds.

Stay healthy and do what you can to support the Ukraine people – and if this is only to think of them.

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