A summer day in Cologne

I am a little behind my personal blog post schedule. There are several reasons for that. One is that we moved into a new apartment a while ago and there are still many things to do. Another is that there are just not many interesting things going on.

Corona is still a large topic in all our lives. Travelling into other countries is almost impossible and even day trips in Germany into other “Bundesländer” can be very tricky. But this as not what I wanted to talk about today :-).

I wanted to show you some photos I shot in the City of Cologne in August. One of the perks when living in this area is, that we have many nice places around. Cologne for example is only one our by car. We spontaneously decided to drive there on a sunny day. No sightseeing, we just had a coffee in a nice Cafe, strolled along the Rhine and finished the day with dinner in an Indian Restaurant. Everything with warm temperatures and sunshine. I can very good remember this day, even it is more than 2 month ago.

Have a good start into the new week and stay healthy!

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