A almost perfect movie night

Christmas Holidays are almost over – what a good idea to watch a movie in a cinema. Since I already read the book “The Hobbit” and also saw the first two parts I wanted to see the last part “The Battle of the five Armies”. As it turned out, my plan was not so easy to implement.

Step one: Try to find a slot in the totally crowded car park.

Step two: Be totally bugged when there is a space and another car, which actually drives in the wrong direction (it’s one way!) takes it.

Step three: Find another space which could be yours:

scheisse geparkt_01

Step four: Decorate the car with a sticker (“you’re parking skills suck!’)

scheisse geparkt_02

Step five: Feel a little bit better.

Step six: Buy two tickets for the movie and be shocked that you just payed 31 Euros.

ticketsStep seven: Line up for softdrinks and pocorn and wonder again that some awful tasting pepsi and some popped corn is 10 Euros.

Step eight: Enjoy the movie!

Step nine: Stay calm while the guy next to you always comments every scene like: “Don’t do that!” or “Sure, that NEVER works”.

Step ten: Enjoy a thrilling scene, and then…

PauseStep eleven: Enjoy the rest of the movie.

Step twelve: Go to your car, drive to the exit and wonder where the discounted ticket for parking is..

Step thirteen: Discover that is has fallen into a ventilation slot and will stay there forever. Fight with your girlfriend about whose fault it was. Fight a little more. Move backwards, pay another five Euros for the normal parking ticket and drive home safely.

It was a nice evening anyways and I really liked the movie :-).

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