Germany is a soccer country. During the world championship there is soccer everywhere: In the radio, on TV, when you open up the newspaper or in social media. And in your neighbours garden.

Since 2006, when the soccer world championship took place in Germany, there is something new. Something I, as a 30 year old, never before experienced: It’s like Germany got back it’s patriotism. Well, it’s because of Germany’s soccer team (almost) always plays good soccer of course, but normally you would never see a German Flag in the neighbours garden. And when soccer is good for bringing back a little bit of the long forgotten German patriotism, why not?

See for yourself: Germany is Black-Red-Gold at the moment:

[doptg id=”14″]


Go Germany Go! :-).

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  1. I think a healthy dose of patriotism won’t hurt. Other nations, like the Swiss, the Swedish and of course the United States don’t have a problem with „showing their flags“ when it counts. I never quite understood why Germans are so timid when it comes to show where your colours are. But this has changed and I’m sure, if Germany wins the World Championships tonight, we will see a revival of the „show-me-your-flag“-thing.

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