Eric Paslay in Hamburg

Due to lack of time this Blogpost is only available in German language. However, here is a short Video from his performance in Hamburg in September 2019:

Southern Rock in Northern Germany – Blackberry Smoke

We’ve been in Hannover last weekend to enjoy a concert of the US Rockband Blackberry Smoke. One good thing about unknown bands is, that you don’t need to be at the place hours before the … Read more

Max Mutzke grooves Hannover

Yesterday evening Max Mutzke (a German singer and songwriter) performed a concert in Hannover. Together with his band “monoPunk” he played some of his songs in front of a small audience. His music is a … Read more

Dancing in the dark with Bruce Springsteen in Berlin

When I talk about going to a concert of Bruce Springsteen, the most likely comments are: – You mean this grandpa from USA? – Really? Is he still alive? – or just “who??!” Dear Bruce … Read more

American Superstar: Eric Church in Hamburg

Eric Church?! Superstar? No worries, when you are from Europe you don’t necessarily need to know Eric Church. But when you are from the USA or Canada, there is a good chance that you heard … Read more

Max Mutzke in Hamburg

The weekend was pretty busy, this is why my blogging was postponed to Monday. You may know Max Mutzke, a German singer and songwriter from the “Eurovision Song Contest”. He is still around, but I … Read more