Dancing in the dark with Bruce Springsteen in Berlin

When I talk about going to a concert of Bruce Springsteen, the most likely comments are:

– You mean this grandpa from USA?
– Really? Is he still alive?
– or just “who??!”

Dear Bruce Springsteen

Actually I can pretty good remember my first contact with the name “Bruce Springsteen”. It was in one of our English books in school (must have been around 1995) and the name (and a photo) appeared in a fictional story about a boy who wrote letters to Bruce Springsteen. What I also know is, that nobody knew this guy and that everybody thought that he was totally “not cool” :-). Not a big surprise when looking at the German music charts, when we were all around 12 years old: Rednex, Take That and Michael Jackson. *

Dear bruce springsteen

Today I know that I love his music and that he is totally “cool” ๐Ÿ™‚ .

After a few concerts in different cities (even one in Canada) I can still claim that “the Boss” is worth to spend the whole Sunday standing in line with 70.000 others! Luckily it was not too warm on this day and I even got some ice cream, when standing in the middle of thousands of people ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Bruce Springsteen_icecream

Here is a short video of the song “Dancing in the dark”, maybe one of his more well known songs:

Hope to see you again Mr. Springsteen!

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