Coffee, please!

Do you like coffee?

I do. I’m not sure when I started drinking espresso based drinks like cappuccino or caffe latte but during our stay in Canada and USA I definitely started loving it. While it can be difficult to get a good latte in a coffeehouse in Germany, it was easy in Canada. Good, the coffee situation in Germany got better since we are back from Canada. But it’s still not the same as abroad. You can find many coffee huts all over the Western USA. And they (almost) all serve good drinks!

Coffee 08

We have non of these huts in Germany. But the coffee wave swaps over from the USA slowly. This is a coffee bike, seen in rural Bielefeld. To the drip coffee loving older Germans this must be a fascinating sight. 😉

Coffee 02

But of course there are also different ways to enjoy coffee at home. We tried three different methods so far. First one: Nespresso. You know, that George Clooney kind of way. Good and fast way to have a coffee. But it is expensive and produces lot’s of waste. Second try: Bialetti. Good in general but it’s impossible (for us) to make constantly good tasting espresso with it. This is why we decided to finally buy an espresso machine with a portafilter a few days ago.

Coffee 07

I can tell you: If you are in a hurry you shouldn’t use this machine :-). It takes about 15 minutes to heat the machine. But with some practice you can get very good results. We are far away from very good, but it’s getting better from day to day 🙂 .

Coffee 04

And since we knew that making espresso based drinks with such a machine can be frustrating, we booked a “Home Barista course” at the  “24grad roasting facility” in Hannover.

Coffee 01

Really recommended to join such a course when you are interested in coffee / espresso.

Coffee 06

After the course, which was three hours long, we bought some fresh espresso beans from the store, which is next door to the roasting facility.

Coffee 05

Coffee 03

Have a good weekend and enjoy a self made Espresso 🙂

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  1. Hahaha! I love this post. Never heard of a “Home Barista course” before. Really cool. And, no: I wouldn’t touch a coffee machine with a ten foot pole if it takes 15 minutes to get ready. The coffee-bike in Bielefeld looks nice too. But there is something that doesn’t look right in the picture. Maybe it’s the guy operating the coffee-bike? He looks right out of the “Filterkaffee”-era, no? Btw: The best coffee I know is the “cortado” they serve here in Palma. Tastes like liquid truffels – without the overwhelming sweetness.

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