December 2019

It feels like the only goal of December is to prepare for the holidays. And then it’s all over, so fast that your mind cannot even follow.

When I listened a radio show I heard about a family (and this is not the only family for sure) who drives all trough Germany each Christmas. Altogether around 1200km. As they said not stressful all. Well..

Luckily the biggest part of family stayed at our home this year. So we did really not have much stress this December. But now let’s start with the interesting part of this post: Photos 🙂 .

I was on a short evening photo tour with one guy of a small photo group (photos 1- 6) , we had a seldom guest in the garden (a sparrowhawk, photo 7) and we spotted a nutria (not a beaver) while on a evening walk along the river “Ruhr”. (photos 8 – 15)

And last but not least we walked through the woods of a large wildlife park. (from photo 16)

Here are the photos I took:

I hope you could enjoy the holidays and did not have to much stress!

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