Digital helper in a real world

Are you older than 30 years? Than you will probably agree with me that technique could be both a blessing and a curse. I like it to be up to date and I like to know what’s going on in the world. But this is the problem: This can cause an information overflow. Too much information around!

It is really convenient to have your photos always and everywhere available, right? After you shot a photo with your smartphone it gets synchronized right away to your tablet, your laptop our your TV. On the other hand something gets lost when you are browsing through your photos on a screen. It is much more fun to crawl through old dusty boxes with developed photos. At least I still have some boxes with old photos! 🙂

But sometimes I find tools or apps on my smartphone which help me while I’m outside. For example the app “Plantnet”. This is a really easy helper to find out what kind of plant is in front of you. Just open the app, point your camera on a blossom / a leaf and you can see right away what plant this is.

On our last short trip to the North Sea, we walked through a nature reserve. I spotted a bird and took a photo. I did not know what kind of bird this was and I racked my brain for days about this bird. I just did not find out the what species this was. And then, by accident, I found “Google Lens” on my smartphone. I heard about this before. It’s pretty convenient for translations when your are in a foreign country. Just open your camera, point on the text and you will see it translated in your desired language. Works pretty good with photos as well; just pick a photo (or open the camera) let Google lens analyze it and seconds later you know what’s on your photo. A little scary 🙂 But now I know that the bird I was looking for is a buckthorn warbler.

Here are some other pictures from that trip. The first photo is a screenshot from “Google Lens”.:

Stay healthy and have a good Sunday! 🙂

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