Düsseldorf at night

When talking to other photographers you sometimes might hear the sentence “I love to take pictures at night, but my motivation to go out alone when it’s dark and cold is not very high”. That’s me as well 🙂 .

But thanks to the internet there is a solution for that: Find a platform like Spontacts, search for others who like to take pictures at night and just do it. As you might agree it’s always easier to do things together, at least you have a binding then. In my case I found a small group of five people in Düsseldorf who wanted to meet for a photo walk. And here I like to come back to the binding: From five people who assigned, only two (including me) showed up.

At least I was not alone 🙂 The only problem was that both of us had not really an idea where to find nice spots, since we both not living in Düsseldorf. We decided to walk to the “Medienhafen” along the Rhine, enjoyed the silence and took some nice pictures.

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

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