Florida: Dolphins and the worst car drivers

Yes, it’s due to a little Florida vacation why I didn’t publish any posts in the last weeks. Sorry for that 🙂

But I have some good news for you: Since we enjoyed two weeks in Florida, I have some nice photos for you! First of all: It was a great vacation, with an abundance of impressions. We spotted many animals and we have been to beautiful spots. But more about that later. Today I want to share some photos (and a video) from our Dolphin watching tour.

But before, some words about the car drivers in Florida: Until now we’ve been only in the Western part of the USA. This was the first time in one of the Eastern states for us. Car drivers are mostly very friendly and rather relaxed than aggressive on the west coast. In Florida it’s the other way around: People do not use their turn signals at all, instead stop abruptly on the street to turn. Pedestrians do not care if there are any cars when crossing the street, and cars do not care if there are pedestrians on the crosswalks. At least in the big cities driving was not really fun, since bike riders joined the chaos by not stopping on four way stops and so on … we had a great time anyways and we are still alive 🙂

Here are some photos from the Dolphin tour:

And this a short video:





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