Greetings from Key West – Florida

When you are in Florida for vacation, the Florida Keys should definitely be on your bucket list!

The Keys are on the southern tip of Florida, Cuba is right next to it! Luckily, since we were able to re balance our coffee deficit at least a little bit at “Cuban Coffee queen“.

The Florida Keys, that’s usually sun, tourists, nice beaches and snorkelling. We missed all of this, except of the many tourists 🙂 We instead changed the planned “into-the-sunset-katamaran-snorkling-tour” to the “paying-30$-for-parking-for-nothing-since-snorkelling-was-canceled-tour”. Well, sitting on a cafe’s front porch and watch drunk spring break students passing by is also fun :-).  And since it was too cloudy during the whole stay for lay on the beaches, we also missed this. Too bad.

Apart from this, we enjoyed the time very much. Especially Key West is a nice place to stroll around and discover the area. Just avoid the main street with all the ugly shops! Keep in mind that driving to Key West takes a long time and that the highway isn’t that spectacular (actually it is a grey concrete bridge over the ocean). I would not recommend this journey for a day trip. Take your time, otherwise you can’t enjoy it. Our stay was actually to short, too. And since we didn’t see really much of the Everglades area as well, our plan is to come again for a longer stay.


Have a good weekend!

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