From Montague to Brattleboro

Sometimes there are situations in life you did not plan that way, but afterwards you are happy you got into that particular situation.

That can happen with restaurants or Cafes; You are standing in front of the entrance, thinking “Should I really go in?”. Afterwards the food / the Espresso was so good that you would go there again the next day if you could.

And it was similar on our roadtrip along the US East coast: We had planned to stop at the “Sawmill River Bookstore” in Montague to visit the bookstore and have lunch. But we actually did not plan the stop in the small town of Brattleboro just 30 minutes after we left Montague. The Cold Brew we had in the nice Restaurant right at the Bookstore forced us 🙂 .

After an Espresso (and visiting the restroom.. 😉 ) we strolled through the neat town of Brattleboro – and were happy that we got forced to stop. Otherwise we would have just driven by.

Pictures 1-9 are from Brattleboro, the rest is from/around the Bookmill

Have a good weekend, whatever you are doing or planning to do! 🙂

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