Happy Easter!

Easter is almost over and tomorrow most of us in Germany start working again.
The good thing is that we only have a four days working week 🙂 .

Grocery shopping on a day between holidays is always fun. So it is on “Easter Saturday”. Luckily we only needed some basics.
Besides some flowers for family we also got some new cat grass for our cats. When we arrived at the flower shop an older women almost stole our parking spot (no, we were NOT waiting for the Easter bunny on the parking lot!) and after I almost calmed down 10 minutes later, an older man who was waiting behind us, cut the line at the cashier point.

At least our cat’s enjoyed the cat grass a lot.. and puked it all over the carpet 15 minutes later.

Happy Easter! 🙂

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  1. Hach! Diese Bilder! Am besten gefällt mir der hoch schauende Fiete mit seinen funkelnden Augen. Wunderbare Aufnahmen und eine so lustige Geschichte. Ich muss immer noch lachen. Euch noch einen schönen Abend!

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