Hello 2017 – Hello Berlin!

Parallel to the first post this year, we already made the first short trip this year. We spontaneously decided to spent a weekend in Berlin.

Germany’s capital has many pros and cons. Let’s start with some pros:

And now some cons:

  • it’s crowded in the city due to many tourists (-> good idea is to go there in the winter time, after Christmas and new year)
  • Berlin is like a small island in the nowhere: It’s far away from everything else
  • housing in Berlin got expensive during the last years due to it’s popularity

I like Berlin and it’s always worth going there for a short trip! Even though the city has a good public transport network, we walked to most of the places this time. And because many people stayed home because of ice and snow, the hot spots we went to were surprisingly empty!

Have a good start into the new week!


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  1. Tolle Eindruecke einer Stadt, wie ich sie noch nie erlebt habe.
    Berlin im Winter – das gibt einem eine ganz neue Perspektive.
    Sollte man sich direkt mal ansehen. Danke fuer Text und Fotos
    aus dem sonnigen Palma de Mallorca

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