I see blue: Hamburg Cruise Days

Or in other words: How to squeeze your way through thousands of people to see some (impressive) cruise ships.

The Hamburg Cruise Days is a large event in Hamburg. The main areas on the Elbe are illuminated with blue light in the evening and large cruise ships are sailing down the Elbe, accompanied by fireworks. And: around 600.000 people (spread over the whole weekend) were expected to join this event.

Summarized it was a nice evening and when staying at the right places it wasn’t too full. When you are on holiday in Hamburg anyway, go there! But just going there for the cruise days? I wouldn’t do it again when not living directly in Hamburg. Been there, done that.

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    • Danke 🙂 Ich hätte gerne die “Queen Mary” gesehen, leider ist die aber wohl zu groß für das Teilstück und konnte deshalb nicht teilnehmen.
      In Hamburg war das Schiff aber wohl trotzdem zu sehen, nur woanders und zu einer anderen Zeit 🙂 .

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