Lost places: The village hardware store

The past weeks I was confronted a few times with the term “lost place”. For instance I was gifted a photo book about “lost places” on my birthday. A couple of weeks ago we discovered an old ammunition factory from WW2, while on a geocashing trip and last week a guy I sometimes work with told me that he visits lost places in Belgium and Germany to take pictures. This inspired me to visit one of those places myself.

What are lost places?

Lost places are usually places like old hotels, churches or other buildings from the recent past which are still more or less intact, but not in use anymore.
The ideal case is that there is still inventory in it.

Just 5 minutes by foot down the street from where I live, there is this old hardware store which has been empty for at least 4 years. Unfortunately I could not find out much about it, besides that parts of it burned down in 2012 and where wrecked down just after that.

And today I finally grabbed my camera to take some pictures of this “lost place”.
Even in full sunshine a little spooky, though 🙂



Have a good start into the new week!

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