Miniature Wonderland

Or in other words: What is as big as 2300qm, has 1300 trains with around 20.000 wagons, 500.000 lights, 10.000 cars and around 400.000 characters?

The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg is everything but boring. I’m surprised about that, to be honest. This miniature stuff is a little ill-reputed since normally only 55 years old bachelors still living at mom’s house are interested in miniature trains. Whatever. It’s really interesting to see all the details and the love which was put into all that. For more information klick here.

We spent 1,5 hours in the Miniature Wonderland which was enough. There is so much to see but after a while it is just an overload. But it is one of the things you should do when you are in Hamburg. I have one tip for you: It’s always crowded, but the best time for a visit is on a weekday in the morning.



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