Night photography: Thyssen Krupp

My main photography targets are usually animals or anything else in nature. But since we are living in one of the most urban areas in Germany this is a bit tricky. Yes, there are some really nice spots like “Zeche Zollverein”. After the cole mine was closed, the nature slowly started to recapture the whole area. Now you can find many green spaces and lots of animals and different plants.

But this is not comparable with woods or untouched fields and meadows outside of the Ruhrgebiet. And so you need to take anything else as well. That does not mean I don’t like other photography targets. It’s just not my focus.

I again joyned a small photography group and we met at the Headquartes of the company Thyssen Krupp. In the evening this is really a nice spot for architectural photography.

Even it was pretty cold this evening, it was worth it!

Have a good start into the new week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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