Remains of prehistory in Florida – in other words: Alligators and tortoises

Florida consists of 18% water. And in almost all of these waters you will find alligators and tortoises. There is not an exact number of how many alligators live in Florida but it’s more than one million. It is listed as an endangered species anyway due to us humans. It’s not uncommon that you spot alligators from (or on..) the highway – or even from interstates. It’s the same with tortoises, even though you will find most of them (it’s an water turtle then) in the water. We only saw one large tortoise on a walk through the woods.

To calm you down: Normally humans are not on the alligators diet. Even if there were some attacks in the past on humans they usually eat fish, snakes, turtles or small mammals. Just (of course!) don’t try to pet them and stay far enough away – you should be safe then! I have taken my photos with enough distance between me and the animals with a telephoto lens – there is no need for security concern though ๐Ÿ™‚

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