The Ruhrgebiet in Germany – part 1

The Ruhr district in Germany isn’t a very touristy area I guess. And even many Germans who don’t know that area very well, might tell you that this place is kind of ugly. One large city next to the other, everything is grey and not very welcoming. But in fact the area has changed and old industrial areas have turned into green areas with different attractions.

Just become more open-minded and try to visit the “Ruhrgebiet” ! There are so many nice spots you can visit. This time I have been to several places I’ve never been to before. And even when it was raining a bit, I first enjoyed the “Landschaftspark Nord“, a former industrial complex in the city of Duisburg, then “Tiger and Turtle” an art installation and in the evening the “Grugapark“, a large city garden in the city of Essen.

I can recommend to visit the Ruhrgebiet when you are looking for a part of Germany which is different to the known tourist spots like Munich or Hamburg.


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