Saturdays in Lueneburg

I can’t believe that I didn’t show you any photos from Lueneburg until now! We don’t live too far away and like to visit on Saturdays.

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Some of my recommendations for Lueneburg:

1.) Get some noodles from the small noddle factory “Lueneburger Nudelkontor” . Either eat them directly there or take them home.

2.) Just go with the flow in the pedestrian area and old town of the city. Definitely go into all the little alleys on your way.

3.) Have breakfast or one of the homemade cakes at Anna’s Cafe.

4.) Stroll trough the market when you are there on market day. Buy way too much fresh fruit and veggies.

5.) Take your camera with you and take some photos.


Just don’t think about that the weekend is almost over and have a good start into the new week!



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