The stork

When I was a child, seeing a stork was special because there were so few. And it is still, depending where you are. But the population recovered in the last 30 years, due to environmental protection and now it’s not too uncommon to see one, especially in eastern and northern Germany. We have a couple living right next door and I’m always happy when I see them while driving by the nest.

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  1. […] weekend. Much better than last week when the storm called “Mike” swept across Germany. Our Storks now need a new nest because the storm destroyed it. Luckily they are obviously still […]

  2. Amazing. A few weeks ago I went back to my hometown of Ummendorf in Southern Germany. I was surprised to see storks on the rooftop of the old castle which during my childhood doubled as our kindergarden, at least part of the building. We always made fun of the storks because we had been told as kids that storks are the ones who carry the babies – and not mothers 🙂
    Nice pictures, as always. Thanks for sharing.

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