VanDusen Festival of Lights

Almost 8 years ago we visited the “VanDusen Festival of Lights” in Vancouver. Even though this is more or less long ago, I can pretty good remember many details. But 8 years ago also means … Read more

Strolling trough Granville Island on a sunny day

It’s Sunday, I had a long work week and it’s raining. Instead of showing you photos from grey and cold Germany, I decided to pick some nice photos from sunny Granville Island in Vancouver for … Read more

Vancouver at night

On our short trip to Vancouver we stayed on the North shore of Vancouver. This had a couple of reasons. It is less crowded, it is quiet and it’s easy to get on the highway … Read more

Basti goes Vancouver

Thanks to cheap air fares we more or less spontaneously decided to spent nine days in Vancouver and Seattle. Due to the cheap fare, the journey was long and we are a bit groggy right … Read more