Parental leave trip โ€“ Part 2

Sorry, only available in German language. You can try to use the machine translation by google โ€“ that works pretty good in my opinion   Youโ€™ll find the translation plugin at the end of the German … Read more

Two pencils – One story

We have just decluttered some cornes of our apartment. Besides some other things we found an old Rucksack with tissues, old sweets and two pencils in it. After I put everything on a pile for … Read more

New York February 2020

It’s kind of surreal when I think back to the year 2020. Almost everything has changed. Everything changed for me, my family and almost all other people around the world. When our flight to New … Read more

VanDusen Festival of Lights

Almost 8 years ago we visited the “VanDusen Festival of Lights” in Vancouver. Even though this is more or less long ago, I can pretty good remember many details. But 8 years ago also means … Read more

Sunday afternoon: Past and present

Since I wasted my time with fixing a photo upload issue on my webspace, I keep the english version of my blogpost very short ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s grey and rainy outside and since I (still) don’t … Read more

Timer for Memories: Rabbit power in Vancouver’s Jericho Park

Since I was too lazy to go on a photo tour on rainy Friday evening with a photo group, I need to show you some photos from my time in Canada ๐Ÿ™‚ . It’s 7 … Read more

Time for memories: US Westcoast

Today is one of those days were you would like to stay in bed and drink coffee and tea the whole time: It’s dark, cold and rainy outside. And what’s better in this situation as … Read more

Peggy the campervan

Last weekend we met with friends, who recently bought an old Volkswagen van and made a camper van out of it. That is something we definitely like to do as well! Actually we already had … Read more

Time for memories: Yellowstone

Visiting the Yellowstone Nationalpark in the USA (which spreads over three states: Montana, Idaho and Wyoming) was on my bucket list for ages. And on our roadtrip this dream came true. Take plenty of time … Read more

Time for memories: San Francisco

San Francisco is probably one of the most popular cities in the USA for tourists. I recently read about the reasons for that in the latest issue of “Geo” magazine. Since I’ve been there a … Read more