Florida memories

I was too lazy to take photos during the last weeks. One reason is the weather. Another one is that days are short. And especially when living in the countryside it’s really not easy to find something to photograph. Sure, bad weather is no excuse. I could shoot photos of a empty cornfield for example. But who wants to see that? 😉 (Okay okay, I’m only lazy).

Instead of complaining about the weather, I like to show you some photos from our vacation in Florida. Unfortunately I’m always  thinking about the hurricane which destroyed almost everything on the Florida Keys when remembering our vacation. One disadvantage in our fast living society: After a (natural) disaster it only takes a few weeks (or even days..) before it’s forgotten all over the the world – with exemption of the people who are living in the affected area. And this is why I think it is important to remember and talk about that.

However, this is a random selection of photos with just one similarity: All photos are from Florida 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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