Urban wildlife

I finally have found the time to show you some pictures I shot today and yesterday. As you may have noticed I did not post new content in the last few month. This was not because there was nothing to tell you about but more because there were many private things I needed to take care of.

Back to the fun things in life now 🙂 We are lucky to live in the middle of a urban area in Germany but we also have much nature around us. There is a small pond, which we can see from our kitchen window. It is framed by a large green area. We did see a fox, goose, rabbits, woodpeckers and today a falcon couple. These guys seem to have a nest on the property where we live.

I would love to get a photo of the fox, but as you may know this is not that easy, since they are outside usually at night. We only saw him once (but we can here the fox regularly in the evening) when he was shaking himself due to the heavy rain and disappeared seconds later in the bushes.

Here is a small collection of the woodpecker and the falcons:

Enjoy the rest of the sunday and have a good start into the new week 🙂

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