Travelling with Airbnb – we love it

Using Airbnb is a controversial discussed way of travelling. But you know what? Things are changing in the course of time and, whether the hotel lobby likes it or not, we have to accept that there are many people who love to book their sleepovers in other places than a hotel.

Why Airbnb is great

It is convenient
Book your place over the smartphone app or website. In the best case you get an email a little later. Content: The hide of the key / the door pass code for the place and the wifi password (when available) ๐Ÿ™‚ .
That’s it.

You can choose
At least in the USA most hosts let you decide whether you want to meet them or not.

It is unique
Airbnb can be special if you like.
Treehouse? No problem. A trailer in the desert? Why not? I even spotted an igloo some time ago. During the last years we slept in two different shepard huts, in an airstream trailer, in an old watertower, in a university dorm… Until today we have never had a negative experience.

Our last three week vacation in the USA was the first time that we completely booked our stays over Airbnb. Conclusion: It was great ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your next vacation like?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  1. I agree: airbnb can be a good idea. But there is the opposite side of the coin too:
    We live in a loft/condo-complex in the downtown Montreal area, with penthouse terrace,
    swimming pool, cinema-room, pool-room and gym. Since people rent out their apartments via airbnb
    there is a steady change of guests and it doesn’t feel like home anymore where you see
    the same faces everyday. It seems more like a hotel – and some of the facilities look like one too.
    While we, the residents, obviously take very good care of our facilities, guests who only
    stay for a night or a week often leave their tracks behind: damaged property, pieces of
    glass in the pool etc. Now, the condo administration has decided that it is illegal for
    condo-owners to rent out their apartments for less than 6 months. While this defies the
    principle of airbnb, for us, the permanent residents of such a place, it is good news.
    Just saying …

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