A balcony with a view

Having a balcony definitively is a plus in days of Corona and “stay@home”. It’s probably much easier to cope with the situation when having a small outdoor space. And I am aware of this privilege!

When we searched for an apartment, it was always important for us to have a balcony or even better a garden. What’s really nice about our current place is, that our view could not be any greener. That’s fantastic but not really special. But since the property we are living on is right next to a protected landscape area, we have many furry and feathered visitors coming by regularly.

You may have spotted a crow or a pigeon from your balcony when you are lucky. But how about a fox, a hare or even a European Kingfisher or a Canada Goose with chicks?

Our balcony definitely makes it easy to view wildlife. The hare for example comes by everyday in spring and summer and a heron also is a regular guest at the small pond.

The photos are mixed. Some of them are from this week and last week: Fox, hare, green woodpecker, jay, mallard and wrench. The geese photo is about one month old, the rest is from last year and before.

Have a good start into the new week and stay healty!

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