Kingfisher shooting in Muelheim

I never get tired of Kingfisher posts. And why should I ? The European Kingfisher is one of the prettiest and most colourful birds in Germany!

We recently discovered that there is a bridge nearby called “Kingfisher bridge” The bridge is located in a small protected area, in Muelheim. I am always a little skeptical about any of those “animal place” things. Like the “Beaver pond” or “Otter river”. I never saw any otters near a Otter river nor did I spot any beavers at a Beaver pond 🙂 .

I would say it is not my favourite thing to get up at 5:30 in the morning. But hey; No guts, no glory 😉 .

As I already mentioned this place is a 20 minutes drive from here, as the streets were empty I was even a bit faster. The bridge itself is easy accessible by foot after a short walk. I chose to take a slightly longer way to get there. I was spoiled with fresh air and the sound of a cukoo. What a beginning of the day!

When I arrived the bridge it did not take long before I saw a kingfisher flying over my head as fast as an arrow. Well, the bridge deserves the name! Now the only thing to do was to stay calm and wait. And yes, even that did work out after some time! The Kingfisher landed several times in a bush nearby to pose for photos.

Sometimes it IS worth to leave the own comfort zone. After I had a chat with another bird photographer and I realized that the place started to get crowded, I made my way home after around 3 hours outdoors.

The start into the day could not have been much better! 🙂

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