Can pelicans actually fly?

Last week we visited a wildlife park, which is half an hour away by car. This is perfect on rainy days, since the park is almost empty then. You can walk around and watch animals, or the other way round. 🙂

I’m interested in animals since I can remember and I know a lot about wildlife. But sometimes I am really shocked about the knowledge of others. There was this child who asked his mother what kind of animal this strange looking cow was. I wasn’t surprised that she did not know it was a yak. This is something you don’t need to know.

But when another girl asked her mother if pelicans can actually fly, and her answer was “I don’t know..” I was really surprised. But my personal number one was a father in another wildlife park which we visited some time ago. He was so proud to tell his son there is a badger sleeping in the (beaver) lodge. I don’t need to tell you it wasn’t a badger?! 😉

Have a happy first advent! 🙂

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