Canoeing in Florida – part 2: Everglades

In my first blogpost about canoeing in Florida, I already mentioned that we canoed two times. In this blogpost I’ll tell you more about that.

The everglades is a large wetlands area in Southern Florida. You can’t really walk into the swamps, this is why many companies are offering airboat tours. We decided against doing the airboat thing and switched to the canoe. One thing why we chose the canoe is that the airboats are really (!) noisy and we can’t believe that animals like these things.

You are not allowed to paddle in these areas alone. This is why we chose Shurr Adventures for a guided canoe tour. We were lucky to join a tour with only six participants plus Jason, the guide. Right after meeting at six in the morning, the canoes were pushed into the water. Introduction? What is that? We know how to paddle (luckily we all did..). Apart from that, the tour was great. Jason could answer any question about animals and plants and guided us securely through the mangrove tunnels. We saw many birds and also a number of alligators.

We loved the tour – but we would not recommend to book it when you never paddled before. The mangrove tunnels are really narrow and you can get stuck easily. That can get frustrating after a time.

When you really want to enjoy nature and know how to handle a canoe, you should decide for the canoe not for the airboat! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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