Mission accomplished: Canoeing right up to the front door

There are those things in life you always want to do but you actually never do them. In our case it was canoeing on the river right in front of our home (you can see the river from our house). We are no canoe newbies. We paddled down the Rainbow River in Florida, discovered the Everglades in a kayak and made a camping trip with a canoe on the Müritzer Seenplatte. But we never made it onto the river which is literally only a stone’s throw away.

Since the canoe rental is just down the road we finally paddled down the river “Böhme” last weekend. Originally the tour we planned was around 16km long. But unfortunately we missed the exit and paddled eight more kilometres. 🙂

My advice: Do the things you like to do and don’t postpone them until it is maybe too late!

Have a good weekend!



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