Canoeing in Florida – part 1

Florida has many rivers, lakes and is almost everywhere close to the ocean. That’s pretty cool for everyone who likes water sports. Since we do like canoeing and did that in the past once and in a while, we took the opportunity and jumped into a canoe twice during our stay.

On our first trip we slowly paddled down the Rainbow river (we rented the canoe here.) This is a crystal clear river with many opportunities to see birds, turtles and even an alligator. The tour was 7km long and we just floated down the river without any rush on a very nice and sunny day.

I was a little afraid to take my camera with me, this is why all photos are shot with my GoPro.


This video isn’t spectacular at all, but i gives you a good idea about how clear the water in this river is.


Our second tour led us through the mangroves in the Everglades area. Don’t miss it, I will post this in the next days!


Have a good weekend!



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