Dolce Vita instead of Tim Hortons

(c) Crema Magazin from the current issue

I have to admit that there are many other things going on in the world, which makes our “problems” totally unimportant.

Nevertheless, there ARE things in life of everyone which are annoying, in one or the other way. In our case it’s Covid which ripped all our plans apart (and we are still healthy by the way! 🙂 ) Exactly it is about that we decided to spend our parental time in USA and Canada, after long back and forth.

We already had some Airbnb’s on our wishlist, a rough route was already planned and we also picked a suitable flight. The only thing which we did not look at in this state was a rental car. But this was the culprit and the reason for us to change our plans. Why? Thanks to Covid all rental car companies sold most of their car fleets to reduce costs in the last two years. And now there are not enough cars on the market to to meet the demand. In 2017 we roughly paid 550€ for a SUV for three weeks. In these days, four weeks would be around (at least!) 3500€ for the smallest car. And in this price the one way fee is not even included.

After we digested this disappointment we decided to exchange the French Vanilla at Tim Hortons in Canada by an original Espresso at an Espresso bar in Italy. A little Dolce Vita is not the worst alternative, I guess.

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