Spring is in the air

It is always the same; The winter was extremely long and hard this year. The reality is: The Winter was as it was supposed to be: Wet, cold and dark. But when spring finally knocks on the door not only we humans are happy about it. Plants and animals also slowly awake from hibernation.

Now it’s blooming everywhere . Trees and bushes turn into green color and on the branches you can now see and hear birds chirping. Tits start to build their nests and you can hear the Robins singing even before the sun is rising. The waterfowl also is happy about the raising temperatures in spring and enjoys the sun on the ponds and lakes.

We actually had snow just before Easter this year – but this is all gone and spring is finally here to stay! On one of these sunny spring days I took some photos of Mandarin Ducks near the lake where I spotted the Kingfisher last time. The Ducks are not a common species here – I guess the escaped from somewhere. But they are pretty anyways 🙂

Have a good weekend, stay healthy and enjoy the spring 🙂

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