Exploring my surroundings: Luebbecke

The sun kept shining, that’s why we decided to have ice cream and take some photos in Lübbecke. Luebbecke is a small town with around 25000 inhabitants and is 734 years old. There is nothing really spectacular, but in Germany some people might have heard about it, because Lübbecke has a Handball Team, playing in the best German Handball league (more or less successful..). We even saw on of the players eating ice cream. 🙂 But this is almost not worth telling you, because this town is so small, that you almost always see one of them.

I like that the city managed it to mix old and new buildings.  Unfortunately (this is not only a German thing, you can find it all over in Europe) many cities destroyed all these old buildings, especially in the 70th, and build grey and ugly concrete bunker instead of it.

Thumbs up! 🙂



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