The Hateful Five

Sorry guys, this is not a teaser for the new Tarantino movie. But you can stay anyway if you like. 🙂 The hateful five in front of our doorstep are huge, white and loud. There … Read more

Refugees welcome!

Regardless whether turning on the TV, opening the newspaper or visiting any news page in the internet, you will always see something about the so called “refugee crisis” that Germany faces right now. Until a … Read more

Exploring my surroundings: Luebbecke

The sun kept shining, that’s why we decided to have ice cream and take some photos in Lübbecke. Luebbecke is a small town with around 25000 inhabitants and is 734 years old. There is nothing … Read more

Exploring my surroundings: Osnabrueck

We spent around 10 month in Canada and USA. Both countries are young and particular in the western parts it is impossible (?!) to find buildings much older than 300 years. Since we are back … Read more

A little piece of the wild west in the middle of Germany

Or: Visiting the “Karl May festival” in Bad Segeberg. Last weekend we spontaneously spent some time at the Baltic Sea in the north eastern part of Germany. Saturday morning I heard a radio interview with … Read more

Strolling through Hamburg

Due to my job search we spent two days in Hamburg. The weather was pretty good (a little too hot though) and we explored the city a bit. [nggallery id=6] We really enjoyed these two … Read more

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. – Ellen Perry Berkeley

I really enjoy animal photography, even though this can be a quite tough area. So let’s start with some “easy” pictures of one of my favourite animals: cats. Yes, I’m a catlover. Now you know … Read more