Geocaching 2018 – Bomlitz

Christmas is over now and everything starts from the beginning again. We’ve spend most of the time at home between Christmas and new years eve. In Germany many peope use this to come down and relax a bit. Actually this wasn’t so hard due to the bad weather ๐Ÿ™‚ .

But we used some of the time without rain for Geocaching. There are some historic places around here one of them is the small town of Bomlitz. During World War Two there was a huge gun powder factory in the middle of the woods. As far as I found out, it was the largest of it’s kind.

Since the Allied planes could not spot it from above, the production went on until end of the war. Almost all buildings have been destroyed in 1949, just around 40 are still there. And this is where it comes to Geocaching: There are several caches hidden in this area. Geocaching not only makes you search for the Caches, if you want there is sometimes lots of history behind the places where geoaches are hidden.

Have a good start into the second week of January!












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